Ximea Corp.

Ximea Corp. holds a large share of the vision and imaging market by manufacturing some of the smallest cameras in the world..

Ximea Corp. holds a large share of the vision and imaging market by manufacturing some of the smallest cameras in the world..Ximea may have grown into an international player in the industrial vision and imaging technology industry in just four years, but that doesn’t mean the company has become a huge conglomerate without the personal touch. Instead, CEO Mike Bode says Ximea Corp. works to maintain its reputation as a startup with an entrepreneurial attitude.

“The company’s roots are as a small company with a largely academic customer base and the corporate culture of a research laboratory,” Bode says. “While the company has grown significantly in the recent past, we have maintained a spirit of open communication and the dynamics of a research lab. This permits us to adjust to new technologies and develop new products very quickly.”

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Prime USA Scales

Prime USA Scales is expanding its product line and web presence. One of the company’s newest products is the Hercules truck scale.

Prime USA Scales is expanding its product line and web presence. One of the company’s newest products is the Hercules truck scale.Even though Prime USA Scales has been in business for only a handful of years, producing high-quality scales has been in the Herrmann family for multiple generations. CEO Fred “Fritz” Herrmann III grew up in the scale manufacturing industry. His father, Fred Herrmann Jr., owns the Indiana Scale Co., also known as INSCALE, in Terre Haute, Indiana. In 2010, Herrmann Jr. started his own scale company with his son, Senior Sales Manager Fred Herrmann IV.

“Scales are basically in our blood,” the youngest Herrmann explains. “My grandfather had eight kids, and they were all working at his scale company at some point. After my father and I started [Prime USA Scales], I began talking to other people in the scale industry and they were familiar with the Herrmann name. So it’s been nice to have some familiarity in the industry.”

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Cougar Fuel Systems

Cougar Fuel Systems is expanding its capabilities to serve the oil and gas industry out of its headquarters in Houston.

Cougar Fuel Systems is expanding its capabilities to serve the oil and gas industry out of its headquarters in Houston.If a generator loses power and a rig stops working, it can be detrimental to the operator because any time lost will result in financial repercussions. As a trusted provider of power generation fuel systems, Cougar Fuel Systems knows how important it is to have reliable power. The Houston-based company has made a name for itself delivering complete, comprehensive and code-compliant fuel systems and controls for diesel-driven generators, boiler and fire pump installations.

Cougar Fuel Systems got its start serving the commercial and institutional industries and thereby played an integral role in keeping crucial operations such as hospitals and data centers running smoothly. A few years ago, the company was ready to extend its service offerings to a new industry with power generation needs, and its Texas location made the decision a no-brainer. “Being located in Houston, it was inevitable that we would want to start tapping into the oil and gas industry,” says Daniel Leos, who runs the marketing department and supports the product development side of the business.

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AIC Demonstrates Suitability of Its Products for Broadcasting and Media Clients

AIC Demonstrates Suitability of Its Products for Broadcasting and Media ClientsWith the advent of HD and streaming media, broadcasters are demanding more from supporting technologies than ever before. Storage and server manufacturer AIC is positioned to meet this growing need with hardware that is fully adaptable to a range of industry-specific applications. Recently, the company revealed a prototype hardware solution to demonstrate how its technology is scalable and efficient.

AIC is a provider of storage and server solutions with a focus on media and entertainment. With expertise in in-house design, validation, manufacturing and production, AIC’s expansive selection of products is highly flexible and can be configured to any form factor or custom configuration. Headquartered in Taiwan, AIC has offices throughout the United States, Asia and Europe.

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Integral Technologies Inc.

Integral Announces Launch of Hanwha L&C’s ElectriPlast Line

Integral Announces Launch of Hanwha L&C’s ElectriPlast LineIntegral Technologies Inc., a producer of hybrid conductive plastics, and its wholly owned subsidiary ElectriPlast Corp. announced today that Hanwha L&C, a global high-tech materials maker based in South Korea, has launched its dedicated production line for ElectriPlast, Integral's patented line of hybrid conductive plastics.

"Integral and Hanwha L&C established a manufacturing base in South Korea because we both believe in the long-term strength of the ElectriPlast market in Asia," Integral CEO Doug Bathauer said in a statement. "Its strategic location will enable the supply of ElectriPlast to South Korea's consumer electronics industry, which is one of the largest in the world, as well as to China's world-leading auto market. Along with Hanwha L&C, we look forward to tremendous growth in these industries in the years to come, while we strive to provide ElectriPlast to customers across Asia. We expect ElectriPlast to become the predominate hybrid conductive plastic utilized in Asia."

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