Ganesh Machinery celebrates 30 years of creating profitable solutions for clients in a variety of sectors.

Ganesh Machinery celebrates 30 years of creating profitable solutions for clients in a variety of sectors.With manufacturing in Taiwan and Japan and applications, service, sales and installation in the United States, Ganesh Machinery is working to achieve the best possible price for customers ? without skimping on support before, during and after each sale.

“That means good quality and a good price, all backed by good service,” Sales Manager Ravjeet Singh says.

The Chatsworth, California-based company offers a diverse array of machines and unparalleled machine quality, Singh says.

The idea is to give customers “the edge” with the right Ganesh machine solution that will help them grow their businesses and stand out from competitors.

The company is known for quality workmanship and professional and friendly service ? a critical distinguishing factor in a field where technical assistance is part of a sale.

Ganesh provides multi-tasking turning machines, CNC machining centers, five-axis milling centers, CNC Swiss screw machines, Big-Bore manual and CNC Lathes, CNC turning centers, CNC slant bed lathes and manual and CNC tool room lathes and milling machines. All of the machines are manufactured in an ISO-9001 facility in Taiwan. Many of the critical components that go into those machines are manufactured in Japan. “We have gained name recognition by selling consistent quality products and services, backed up by excellent customer service,” Singh says.

Getting Lean

Ganesh's team of applications engineers guide customers through the most efficient production process to incorporate lean manufacturing into their manufacturing operations. Their insight is meant to increase efficiency, improve accuracy and reduce part-handling by putting lean manufacturing processes in place.

That attention to improving customers' processes ? not just selling to them ? is part of the company's philosophy, Singh says.

That dedication has led to repeat business. The company now counts major manufacturers, such as The Boeing Co., Honeywell and BMW, among its regular clients.

“We treat our customers as family, and families are meant to be together in good or bad times,” he says.

The company can also prove the profitability of implementing a new machine through time studies.

Ganesh applications engineers can perform a production analysis of a client's parts and perform a complete time study to show speeds and feeds for every cut. The engineers also make suggestions for the most efficient machine to process a customer's work. The resulting production yield information can be very helpful in the justification process when acquiring a new machine tool, Singh says.

Turnkey, Automation and TrainingGanesh Machinery celebrates 30 years of creating profitable solutions for clients in a variety of sectors.

The Ganesh business model relies on the satisfaction of customers and their ability to get the highest level of productivity out of their Ganesh machines. That satisfaction starts with turnkey productions of a production part, either at a Ganesh facility or on a customer's factory floor, which can offer staff valuable training, too.

It also offers each customer complete control prior to the acceptance of a new machine. Customers can observe the machine running their parts, inspect the accuracy of the parts against standards and ensure that they are achieving an agreed-upon production rate.

“This option can be a cost effective way of getting profitable productive output from your new machine very quickly,” Singh says.

Ganesh Machinery also can automate machines with automatic load/unload robotics with high-density part storage systems. Unmanned operation can greatly increase profitability and guide customers to more success in a globally competitive world.

The company also has a fully developed training program for each machine and has expanded the classroom training facility at its Chatsworth, California, campus to accommodate customers. Ganesh also has training centers in Cleveland and Houston. Computers and projection equipment are used to facilitate the efficient transfer of the knowledge necessary to make Ganesh machines as productive as possible.

To ensure that the company lives up to its tagline, Singh says he and each employee treat customers as partners.

“We don’t sell only machines – we are a solutions company,” he says. “As an example, we provide application support to customers and help them to do their manufacturing in a cost-effective manner on our machine equipment and then provide them with excellent customer service and support.”

The company's applications engineers can analyze parts and show customers, step-by-step, how to achieve production goals. This production analysis often uncovers opportunities for significant cost-savings in manufacturing methods that can be useful over a wide range of production processes, Singh adds.

“Every employee is a part of the Ganesh family and customers are a part of it, too,” he says. “We believe in family culture rather than business culture, so we treat customers as we treat our families.”

The concepts stem from the company's roots in 1985, with a small family business that aimed to deliver machine tools that provided the highest value and productivity possible. In just three years, the company blossomed into a 4,000- square-foot operation. By focusing on great customer support and building customer loyalty, Ganesh has expanded into a thriving 15,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art business backed by a 40,000-square-foot machine warehouse.

The company has sold and serviced machines in thousands of machine shops, manufacturing businesses, technical schools and distributors across all industries. And a focus on those family values is part of the reason Ganesh includes community outreach efforts as part of its approach.

“We offer special discounts to schools and universities on machine equipment to help younger generations learn machining and manufacturing,” Singh says. “Also, we offer free training at our facilities on our machine equipment.”


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