Sabin Metal Corp. of East Hampton, New York, celebrates its 70th anniversary as it expands its fleet of equipment.

Sabin Metal Corp. of East Hampton, New York, celebrates its 70th anniversary as it expands its fleet of equipment.Sabin Metal Corp. of East Hampton, New York, is marking its 70th anniversary this year. The company recently added a second electric arc furnace (EAF) and baghouse at its Williston, North Dakota, precious metals recovery and refining processing plant (Sabin Metal West Corp.). The addition of the second EAF doubles the company’s capacity to process spent precious metal-bearing hydrocarbon/ petrochemical catalysts. The new EAF uses Sabin’s exclusive Pyro-Re™ technology to recover maximum possible remaining precious metals from spent process catalysts, including rhenium, another high value precious metal. The baghouse incorporates sophisticated, state-ofthe- art filtration systems that enable the company to recover particulates of precious metals that would otherwise be lost in the atmosphere, while also assuring compliance with appropriate pollution abatement standards. Sabin Metal recovers and refines precious metals including platinum, palladium, ruthenium, rhodium, rhenium, gold, silver and others from spent hydrocarbon, chemical, and petrochemical processing catalysts with zeolite, soluble and insoluble alumina, and carbon supports.

The Sabin Metal Group, also headquartered in East Hampton, is composed of five independent organizations including Sabin Metal Corp. of Scottsville, New York, which is considered the most sophisticated facility of its kind for safely processing precious metal-bearing materials; Sabin Metal West, a specially equipped facility for sampling large lots of precious metal-bearing spent hydrocarbon processing catalysts. This refinery employs EAF technology which helps maximize recovery of precious metals, and also incorporates a unique “low dust” continuous sampling system for accurate sample derivation and total environmental safety and compliance.

Sabin Metal Europe BV is a technical service division based in Rotterdam, Netherlands, that works with hydrocarbon, chemical, petrochemical, and nitric acid processors in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, to recover and refine precious metals from spent catalysts and nitric acid production equipment and facilities.

Sabin International Logistics Corp. (SILC), is a licensed hazardous waste, hazardous materials, and general commodities transporter providing global transportation and logistics for spent precious metal-bearing catalysts and other materials. The company operates its own fleet of trucks, and is also a permitted and licensed freight broker. SILC’s SA-BIN® secure storage/shipping containers represent a unique method for quickly, conveniently, and safely transporting spent catalyst materials from Sabin's customers to its processing facilities.

SMC (Canada) Ltd., the McAlpine Mill in Cobalt, Ontario, offers capabilities and processing technologies to extract highest possible metal values from residual materials generated in refining, smelting and milling operations.

The Sabin Metal group of companies is the largest domestically owned, independent precious metals refining organization in North America. The company’s recovery/refining facilities and sales/service offices are located in strategic countries around the world. Sabin’s gold, silver, platinum, and palladium are accepted on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX/COMEX); Sabin’s platinum and palladium are also accepted for delivery on the London/Zurich market by the London Platinum and Palladium market. The organization is now entering its eighth decade of working with a worldwide customer base by providing added value services along with the peace of mind that comes from working with an environmentally responsible precious metals refiner.

Dual electric arc furnaces double pyrometallurgical processing throughput at Sabin Metal West to help assure maximum recovery of remaining platinum group of metals in spent catalysts, including rhenium.

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