Gamber-Johnson LLC

Gamber-Johnson has installed its products in thousands of fleets worldwide for industries like law enforcement and public safety.

Gamber-Johnson has installed its products in thousands of fleets worldwide for industries like law enforcement and public safety.Any company that intends to keep up with the evolution of mobile technology must boast an R&D department ready to meet demand for new accessories and match the lightning speed of today’s communication industry. Gamber-Johnson has kept up with the communication industry since its launch in 1954, and today is no different.

“The best way to look at this era is with respect to our line of tablet docking stations, which have proliferated the consumer market for commercial and public safety fleets,” says Brian Wagner, president of Gamber-Johnson. “We went from having four or five different docking stations just three years ago to 15 to 20 different models now.

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Daintree Network

Daintree Network’s smart building control and management technology offers long-term, adaptable solutions.

Daintree Network’s smart building control and management technology offers long-term, adaptable solutions.As the Internet of Things continues to shape how people live — and businesses operate — Silicon Valley-based Daintree Network has created an application that is more platform than product, one that aligns with the future of smart technologies and fits particularly well in a manufacturer’s toolbox.

The company’s award-winning energy management system, ControlScope, is an open standards- driven, wireless solution for control, monitoring and optimization of a handful of operational functions: from lighting, to HVAC to plug loads and, eventually, much more.

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Sabin Metal Corp.

Sabin Metal Corp. of East Hampton, New York, celebrates its 70th anniversary as it expands its fleet of equipment.

Sabin Metal Corp. of East Hampton, New York, celebrates its 70th anniversary as it expands its fleet of equipment.Sabin Metal Corp. of East Hampton, New York, is marking its 70th anniversary this year. The company recently added a second electric arc furnace (EAF) and baghouse at its Williston, North Dakota, precious metals recovery and refining processing plant (Sabin Metal West Corp.). The addition of the second EAF doubles the company’s capacity to process spent precious metal-bearing hydrocarbon/ petrochemical catalysts. The new EAF uses Sabin’s exclusive Pyro-Re™ technology to recover maximum possible remaining precious metals from spent process catalysts, including rhenium, another high value precious metal. The baghouse incorporates sophisticated, state-ofthe- art filtration systems that enable the company to recover particulates of precious metals that would otherwise be lost in the atmosphere, while also assuring compliance with appropriate pollution abatement standards. Sabin Metal recovers and refines precious metals including platinum, palladium, ruthenium, rhodium, rhenium, gold, silver and others from spent hydrocarbon, chemical, and petrochemical processing catalysts with zeolite, soluble and insoluble alumina, and carbon supports.

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Murata Machinery USA Inc.

Murata Machinery USA Inc. brings its tried-and-true manufacturing processes into the distribution industry.

Murata Machinery USA Inc. brings its tried-and-true manufacturing processes into the distribution industry.It’s not often companies the size and stature of Murata Machinery USA Inc. can offer adaptable manufacturing options and turn-around times as well as the local mom-and-pop shop. The worldwide reach of parent company Murata Machinery Ltd. doesn’t keep Murata Machinery USA from treating each client as a top priority.

“Even though we’re a large company, we work with our vendors and customers so we can adapt to make changes,” says Terry Shaw, operations manager for Murata Machinery USA. “Most companies say they can deliver a quote in five or six weeks, but we can do it in three or four weeks. We have procedures in place to turn quotes around quickly.”

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Bulldog Battery

In the dog-eat-dog world of industrial battery manufacturing, Bulldog Battery stays on top of its game through quality and innovation.

In the dog-eat-dog world of industrial battery manufacturing, Bulldog Battery stays on top of its game through quality and innovation.A real manufacturer leaves no room for guesswork, and that’s precisely what’s kept Bulldog Battery successful for more than 35 years. The Wabash, Indiana-based company abides by a simple-yet-crucial industry law that a poorly designed battery won’t have the same quality or life expectancy as a well-designed battery built to a client’s exact specifications. It’s this commitment to quality and customer satisfaction that sets Bulldog Battery apart from the competition, according to President Norman Benjamin. But there are other reasons as well.

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