USExploration Equipment Co.

Bill Knorr relies on decades of networking contacts to grow USExploration Equipment Co.’s client base.

Bill Knorr relies on decades of networking contacts to grow USExploration Equipment Co.’s client base.Every successful startup enterprise needs a few breaks early on to help get an entrepreneur a shot. Oftentimes, those breaks come from clients willing to give a fledgling operation their business despite the lack of a track record in the marketplace.

When USExploration Equipment Co. opened in January 2002 as a manufacturer and distributor of geotechnical equipment, the company relied on the decades of expertise and goodwill in the industry of Vice President Bill Knorr. Three decades’ worth of clients followed Knorr to USExploration Equipment despite its novelty, and they have stuck with the company ever since.

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McAfee Machine Inc.

McAfee Machine sets itself apart by implementing state-of-the-art technology into its operations.

McAfee Machine sets itself apart by implementing state-of-the-art technology into its operations.When Delmer McAfee started a small manufacturing operation in his modest, two-car garage in 1970, he was not entirely certain where the business would go from there. He certainly was not expecting to build a company that could stand the test of time, eventually growing into a premier provider of well head and heater chokes. With the goal to provide customers with well-designed, quality products with excellent service, McAfee Machine Inc. has grown to become well known for reliability and quality for more than four decades.

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Technology & Electronics

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