Renteria Manufacturing Co. has the capabilities and experience to cater to the demand of oilfield clients.

Renteria Manufacturing Co. has the capabilities and experience to cater to the demand of oilfield clients.Renteria Manufacturing may only be celebrating its third anniversary this June, but that doesn’t mean the driving force behind the downhole drilling components manufacturer is short on experience. Founder Ronnie Renteria grew up in the oil and gas industry watching and working with his father, Jesse Renteria, operate an oil and gas production and drilling company.

With the oilfield in his blood, Ronnie Renteria left his father’s company to make his own way. He started out as a laborer and worked his way to job foreman with Gallagher Engineering, a Humble, Texas-based natural gas plant construction company. After the slump of the oilfield in the early 1980s, Renteria found himself back in his hometown of Ranger, Texas, once again working with his father.

When the oil industry once again began to boom, Renteria was recruited by established oilfield producer North Ridge Corp. For North Ridge, he operated and maintained oil and gas wells and managed a 50- well water flood system as well as monitoring the drilling operation of the company.

After his 11-year tenure with the North Ridge, Renteria craved more knowledge. Growing up in a small rural community, he learned the skills of a mechanic and welder at an early age and enjoyed making and fixing things. So, naturally, the next step was to go into manufacturing.

Renteria gained employment at FMC Corp. in Stephenville, Texas, as an entry-level machinist. Within three years, Renteria was promoted and relocated to Houston. With the promotion, Renteria was tasked with relocating a $150 million-a-year product line to Tyco Valves and Control in Stafford, Texas. Renteria managed more than 150 employees, including highskilled machinists and welders.

In 2006, Renteria was recruited by one of the world’s leading power section manufacturers, Dyna Drill Technologies. He managed three manufacturing and assembly departments – coating technologies (radial bearings), rotors and stators – and was a key player in the expansion of all three departments.

With this extensive range of experience, Renteria can rely on more than 40 years of oilfield knowledge when working with engineers on R&D for customized products.

“I think I can relate to the working man – the motor hands, drillers and the roughnecks on the floor as well as the upper level management,” Renteria says. “When a customer brings a challenge to me, that’s when the manufacturing side of me steps in, and the guy that grew up in the field understands it, as well.

“It’s not that I know the answer to everything, but I’ve been around and I understand Renteria Manufacturing Co. has the capabilities and experience to cater to the demand of oilfield clients.and actually applied this stuff,” he adds. “It’s not just theory. We know what purpose these parts serve and we understand the desired end results.”

Renteria Manufacturing was launched in June 2011. The company operates as a machine and welding shop focused on downhole motor servicing and related components. The company manufactures items including stabilizers, subs, bearing housings, mandrels and radial bearings. Another key service Renteria Manufacturing offers is rework of all oil field components and is considered one of the premier rotor and stator stub welding companies in Texas. Renteria Manufacturing also offers 24-hour emergency response services.

“I think I can relate to the working man – the motor hands, drillers and the roughnecks on the floor – as well as the upper level management.” - Ronnie Renteria, founder

The company’s geographic reach primarily covers the Houston region, but Renteria says he intends to expand into San Antonio, Midland and Odessa, Texas, as well as Oklahoma this year.

Superior Products

Renteria Manufacturing has perfected a process known as stub welding for the repair of rotors and stators, which Renteria says has given his company a distinct advantage in the marketplace.

Renteria also offers a wide range of superior coating technologies with its wear resistance products including radial bearings, fixed bent housings, IB and welded blade stabilizers and other hard-banded components.

Starting in 2013, the company has been able to automate the post weld-heat treating process. Renteria says this process keeps the metal stress-free which prevents cracking and failure.

Aside from Renteria’s vast experience in the oilfield industry, he says his staff includes employees with a combined 120 years of tenure in the machining and manufacturing of oilfield tools, as well. Renteria and some of his key employees come from backgrounds with large oilfield, manufacturing and welding companies, and they know quality and delivery makes and breaks relationships with clients.

“Our reputation is excellent due to the fact that our delivery times are faster and our quality is superior to our competitor’s,” he says. “I’ve worked in the field and on rigs, so I understand the importance for quick deliveries and quality products.” with Oil

Renteria expects the oilfield industry to continue growing this year, so Renteria Manufacturing is ramping up to account for the new business. The company is moving to a larger manufacturing space later this year that will include a half acre yard.

The current facility, which measures 8,000 square feet and has minimal outdoor space, cannot handle this growth.

To take on the additional business, Renteria Manufacturing already has added more employees and machines. The company has hired more employees, and will increase the amount of CNC lathes, CNC mills and additional OD and ID grinders.

“The oilfield industry is strong this year,” Renteria says. “Some of the larger companies have projected a continued upward trend.”

Off and Running

After starting off as a two-man operation with Renteria and his son, Marc Renteria, Renteria Manufacturing is in a position to grab more market share this year and in the foreseeable future. The company has hired 12 full-time employees this year, and they are now receiving health benefits with a 401(k).

Down the line, Renteria envisions his company turning into a place where engineers, shop hands, quality inspectors from his own company and his clients can share ideas in Renteria Manufacturing’s own R&D labs.

“I want a shop that serves as an R&D and rework shop as well as a manufacturing plant,” he says. “We want to create an engineering department that can complete R&D projects and prove out the process before offering the technology to our customers. We’d like our customers to see our engineering as an extension of their own. That’s what I see as the future for our company.”


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