TSI Launches ChemLite LIBS Metal Analyzer at ISRI 2014

TSI Launches ChemLite LIBS Metal Analyzer at ISRI 2014TSI, the leader in laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) technology, unveils a ruggedized, handheld LIBS elemental analyzer specifically designed for fast metals identification in the field.

The ChemLite LIBS Metal Analyzer features a lightweight, ruggedized NEMA-3 portable enclosure, a large 5-inch color touch screen, and an eye-safe IR-B, Class 1 laser. The ChemLite laser is powerful enough to remove surface contamination for representative assays yet requires no radiation training or personal protection equipment. TSI is known for designing and manufacturing precision instruments and the handheld LIBS element analyzer brings the right tool to the field: simple point-and-shoot analysis with measurements in seconds. The ChemLite LIBS Metal Analyzer is ideal for analyzing wrought and cast alloy grades, scrap metal sorting identification, incoming material inspection, quality control, and other related measurements – even for light metals like aluminum.

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Improved Impact Strength for Extreme Conditions - new Ruukki Optim 700 QL1 High-Strength Steel

Improved Impact Strength for Extreme Conditions - new Ruukki Optim 700 QL1 High-Strength SteelRuukki's Optim portfolio of high-strength structural steels has been expanded with yet another new Optim grade. The new Optim 700 QL1 is a structural steel with improved impact strength properties. The impact strength of Optim 700 QL1 has been tested at a temperature of -60 degrees Celsius, making it ideal for use in very demanding conditions and at sub-zero temperatures. Applications include cranes, load-bearing structures as well as frame structures and components of heavy machinery.

"The strength and impact toughness of Optim 700 QL1 structural steel ensures the load-bearing capacity of even the most demanding lifting equipment and meets the applicable safety criteria also at low temperatures," says Tony Harris, vice president, sales Western Europe & Africa at Ruukki.

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Renteria Manufacturing Co.

Renteria Manufacturing Co. has the capabilities and experience to cater to the demand of oilfield clients.

Renteria Manufacturing Co. has the capabilities and experience to cater to the demand of oilfield clients.Renteria Manufacturing may only be celebrating its third anniversary this June, but that doesn’t mean the driving force behind the downhole drilling components manufacturer is short on experience. Founder Ronnie Renteria grew up in the oil and gas industry watching and working with his father, Jesse Renteria, operate an oil and gas production and drilling company.

With the oilfield in his blood, Ronnie Renteria left his father’s company to make his own way. He started out as a laborer and worked his way to job foreman with Gallagher Engineering, a Humble, Texas-based natural gas plant construction company. After the slump of the oilfield in the early 1980s, Renteria found himself back in his hometown of Ranger, Texas, once again working with his father.

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