Before Mitee-Bite Products LLC puts its name on any product, the company ensures it offers customers more functionality than expected.

Before Mitee-Bite Products LLC puts its name on any product, the company ensures it offers customers more functionality than expected.In machining, getting a grip matters — and getting the right grip can multiply productivity. At New Hampshire-based Mitee-Bite Products LLC, the company supplies workholding solutions and other products and services to optimize machining centers in many industries, including medical, aerospace and automotive. By letting machines work harder and longer, machinists are able to run additional machines or setups, reducing labor costs and pushing more product to market, faster.

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FoldedPak Inc.

FoldedPak Inc. is a leader in high-performance packaging material and solutions with ExpandOS, a patented packaging material.

FoldedPak Inc. is a leader in high-performance packaging material and solutions with ExpandOS, a patented packaging material.Asmall shipping box containing ceramic mugs, incandescent light bulbs and a brick sounds like a recipe for disaster — or, at least, shattered products. But that’s how Denver-based FoldedPak Inc. demonstrates the functionality of its ExpandOS product, die-cut recycled paper shaped into sturdy triangles that expand to hold shipping products firmly in place.

Though they are pieces, the patented product is far more than a replacement for packing peanuts, FoldedPak CEO Jeff Boothman says.

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Hoffman Transportation LLC

Hoffman Transportation LLC expands its operations – but not at the expense of individualized attention for its clients.

Hoffman Transportation LLC expands its operations – but not at the expense of individualized attention for its clients.Since its inception, Hoffman Transportation LLC has made its name by taking care of its customers better than the competition. As the company grows, Jordan Hoffman, vice president of sales and marketing, intends to keep his namesake firm focused on relationships with clients.

“We set ourselves apart from the rest of the pack with the service we provide,” Hoffman says. “There have been many acquisitions by our competitors whose main focus is the bottom line rather than providing the best service and doing whatever it takes to ensure customers are happy. They lose that intimacy with their customers.”

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Texas Advanced Manufacturing Solutions

Texas Advanced Manufacturing Solutions delivers a variety of services catering to the oil and gas industry.

Texas Advanced Manufacturing Solutions delivers a variety of services catering to the oil and gas industry.Texas Advanced Manufacturing Solutions (TAMS) is a provider of manufacturing, drilling, construction and procurement services for the oil and gas industry with its manufacturing facility located in Houston.

“Rooted in the energy capital of the world, TAMS integrates more than 100 years of experience in rig manufacturing, rig up, drilling services and technical training for the energy sector,” the company states. “The extensive and proven experience of our top managers, operational supervisors and crew members working under API Q1, API 4F and other high-quality standards allows TAMS to be a reliable provider of integral solutions for any onshore and offshore oil and gas project.”

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Dalton Trucking

Dalton Trucking aims to treat its clients like members of the Klenske family by finding creative ways to solve problems.

Dalton Trucking aims to treat its clients like members of the Klenske family by finding creative ways to solve problems.As a family owned and operated logistics company, Dalton Trucking makes sure its clients are treated like a part of the Klenske clan. With his sons in the business today, that has been the best advice President Terry Klenske has passed on thus far.

“We try to be a family-oriented company, so when somebody has a problem, they come and see us to find a workaround,” Klenske says. “I told my son Josh if you’re working in either the flatbed, bulk trucking, or mining division, etc., unless you want to do the job yourself, learn how to talk to these people so they won’t walk away.”

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