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Kuriyama Canada Inc.

Kuriyama Canada Inc. may have an international presence, but it operates as a small shop that listens to its customers’ needs.

Kuriyama Canada Inc. may have an international presence, but it operates as a small shop that listens to its customers’ needs.With headquarters in Japan, multiple manufacturing facilities in Canada and the United States and customers throughout the world, it is easy to think of Kuriyama Canada Inc. (KCI) as nothing more than a global player in the polyvinyl chloride (PVC) hose industry. While that is the case, Terry Jackson, president and director of technology for Kuriyama Group of Canadian Cos., says KCI maintains the attitude of a startup looking to make a name for itself.

“Our culture remains one of a relatively small company, even as the overall corporation grows,” Jackson says. “This sets us apart from many of our competitors who tend to take a more corporate approach to business, sometimes losing the direct, one-on-one communication and the personal commitment needed to maintain each individual market segment.”

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Westlake Industries

Pipeline manufacturer Westlake Industries has found a way to weather the ups and downs in the cyclical nature of the energy business.

Pipeline manufacturer Westlake Industries has found a way to weather the ups and downs in the cyclical nature of the energy business.Like countless other North American manufacturers, Westlake Industries has had its share of ups and downs coinciding with the state of the economy at any given time. However, by maintaining a philosophy of transparency with clients at all costs, the pipeline fabricator and installer with headquarters in Burlington, Ontario, and an office in Fort McMurray, Alberta, has weathered the storms that have come during its 10 years in operation.

“We have learned to roll with the punches,” says Rick Westlake, president and founder of Westlake Industries. “We are quite proud of the fact that we have earned a great deal of respect from our customers and project owners with the quality of our product and our ability to react quickly to assist our customers in getting their investments operational.”

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Ace Equipment Co.

Serving solid waste and recycling markets, Ace Equipment Co. has created its own space in the industry.

Serving solid waste and recycling markets, Ace Equipment Co. has created its own space in the industry.Nearing 20 years in business, Ace Equipment Co. has built a line of problem-solving products to handle solid waste and recycling material.

Launched in 1997, the Antigo, Wisconsin, company has added one piece of equipment at a time, responding to clients’ needs and anticipating them, company President Eric Fuller says.

“Our R&D separates us from everyone else,” he says. “Our equipment is always evolving. We’re not afraid to take on challenges that other people won’t. That’s our strong suit: We tailor to customers’ needs.”

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Team 1 Plastics

Team 1 Plastics has one goal: becoming a strong global leader in supplying high-quality, cost-effective, plastic automotive components.

Team 1 Plastics has one goal: becoming a strong global leader in supplying high-quality, cost-effective, plastic automotive components.As a custom plastic injection-molding company, Team 1 Plastics specializes in precision plastic components, helping to fuel the automotive market across the country and around the globe.

The growing company is based in Michigan but selling around the world, with a focus on the automotive industry.

Craig Carrel, one of three plastic engineers who launched the company in 1987, says that global reach has always been part of the company’s aim.

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Superior Machining & Fabrication Inc.

Superior Machining & Fabrication Inc. machines quality components for a variety of industries, including oil and gas and aerospace.

Superior Machining & Fabrication Inc. machines quality components for a variety of industries, including oil and gas and aerospace.Superior Machining & Fabrication Inc. says it understands the needs of its customers to have complete service they can count on. As one of the largest and most comprehensive custom machining facilities in North Texas, Superior Machining & Fabrication says it consistently upgrades and invests in state-of-the-art equipment and technologies while operating in a small-shop atmosphere.

“Our focus on quality and customer satisfaction has enabled us to build a company that services a wide spectrum of industries from small, local manufacturers to large, international corporations,” the company states. “Our commitment to continual improvement of in-house technologies and employee skills allows us to take on large projects with confidence.”

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