Texas Wireline Manufacturing primarily serves independent firms in the oil and gas industry.

Texas Wireline Manufacturing primarily serves independent firms in the oil and gas industry.Like countless entrepreneurs before him, Mark Petty found the inspiration to launch his own business after toiling for others for far too long.

“There just happened to be a good chain of reactions that led to this,” says Petty, who founded Texas Wireline Manufacturing eight years ago.

He took that business mindset and has applied it to Texas Wireline’s target demographic. The company manufactures wireline trucks, skids and other equipment for the oil and gas industry for a customer base that primarily consists of independent oil and gas producers.

Texas Wireline’s employees boast decades of experience with some of the most recognizable names in the oil and gas industry. The work force has a combined 100-plus years logged in the design, building and servicing of wireline units with oil companies like Gearhart, Halliburton, Western Atlas, Baker Atlas and Schlumberger. With the bulk of its business stemming from custom orders, Texas Wireline works closely with its clients from design concept to delivery to produce a wireline truck, skid or trailer that meets their specific needs.

On any given day, it is not uncommon to see customers in the shop checking on the status of their units or just to see what new projects the company may be working on. The company’s geographic reach extends throughout the United States in all major oil and gas formations, and it is also working with customers in South America and Turkey. Texas Wireline also is entertaining requests from potential clients in China, Oman, Poland and Algeria.

Texas Wireline offers a variety of cased- and open-hole wireline trucks available as single axles, short tandems, long tandems, flat backs and lab trucks. The truck bodies can be set on any chassis a client prefers, and Texas Wireline works with customers and their truck dealer on the details to ensure units have proper alignment and fit.

Texas Wireline’s latest developments are four new versions of its flat back, or open back trucks. This gives operators rear visibility when they are on location with fracking equipment. This design originated as a custom order from one of Texas Wireline’s clients, and it now is among the options for all its customers.

As new customers are added, every new component designed for one customer becomes a new standard or optional part for any other customer and that continues to expand what can be offered.

Growth Plan

Many manufacturers in the oil and gas industry often look to expand into different products or applications to diversify their offerings and markets.

“We talk about a few new ideas, but what we’re doing is our bread and butter,” he says. “We will expand our product line as required by the demands of our customers.”

However, Petty insists Texas Wireline’s main focus will be on its current product lines while trying to grow its geographic reach. Maintaining good customer relations is of the utmost importance.

“The willingness in our employees to take care of our customers is obvious when you walk in the door.” - Mark Petty, president

Texas Wireline’s quality and service extend well beyond the delivery of a completed unit. It has a dedicated staff that helps clients maintain their units long after a sale is completed with 24/7 availability.

Texas Wireline also boasts direct communication between technicians and customers. There are go-betweens for clients to reach the best service possible.

“We have a very experienced crew that is hands-on so customers will talk directly to a knowledgeable staff member who knows the business and the products,” Petty says.

Urgent Service

With this service available around the clock, Texas Wireline essentially offers immediate response time for replacement parts or field service. It has a well-maintained inventory of parts on hand at all times.

“The willingness in our employees to take care of our customers is obvious when you walk in the door,” Petty adds.


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