Canada Alloy Castings

As Canada Alloy Castings approaches its 60th anniversary, company leaders look to the future with a greater emphasis on technology.

As Canada Alloy Castings approaches its 60th anniversary, company leaders look to the future with a greater emphasis on technology.With roots going back nearly 60 years, Canada Alloy Castings has been producing steel, stainless steel and aluminum bronze castings for a range of leading global corporations throughout its evolution.

As is the case with many areas of business, the steel and aluminum casting industry has changed significantly since Canada Alloy first opened its doors in 1956.

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Streit Manufacturing

Ontario-based Streit Manufacturing works hard to keep its clients safe, and its100 percent safety record is evidence of its success.

Ontario-based Streit Manufacturing works hard to keep its clients safe, and its100 percent safety record is evidence of its success.With a 100 percent safety record, it is no surprise Ontariobased Streit Manufacturing is the world’s leading privately owned armored vehicle manufacturer.

“Yes, we’ve made 18,000-plus vehicles,” says Ryan Holden, international account executive. “Sure, Streit has had a lot of growth as a company. None of those really matter. The only thing that matters is the tally of lives we have saved over 23 years ? and we’re just getting started.”

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Freer Tool & Supply

Freer Tool & Supply creates components used in the design and manufacture of stamping dies and tooling for sheet metal.

Freer Tool & Supply creates components used in the design and manufacture of stamping dies and tooling for sheet metal.In a 23,000-square-foot manufacturing facility with 33 computer numerical control (CNC) machines in Clinton Township, Michigan, Freer Tool & Supply carries out an impressive achievement: The company is the largest manufacturer and supplier of NAAMS components in North America.

Freer CEO John Fulton was early to join meetings on the standards, which Chrysler LLC, Ford Motor Co. and General Motors Co. implemented in 1994, the same year Freer Tool was founded. The standardization concepts aligned with Fulton’s expertise, gained through a background in fixture building since 1972.

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Technology & Electronics

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